We work your way

Yes, producing an event in a foreign country can be a daunting task. Finding the gear, putting the right production team together, understanding local production practices… And then doing it all in a different language.

At Maxi, we speak your Language. We understand the fears of working abroad. But we also understand: How you Work.

How do we do it?

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Brands we work with



We have the very best available:

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Audio, Lighting and Image

We are dedicated to make all three of our Audio, Video and Lighting departments individually strong. We have developed each department into their own high-end company so-to-speak.



We offer the best team of sound engineers and the most advanced audio technology capable of producing clear, uniform and extremely powerful sound for any type of atmosphere.


Experienced light designers capable of developing innovative projects allied to the best equipment are responsible for the impact  lighting will have in your event.


Highly trained technicians and the best technical systems available to develop elaborated solutions in amazing resolution capable of producing real digital scenery.

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Our Projects

With the individual strengths of each department, we then make your life easier by flawlessly integrating them into a perfectly executed event. And flawless integration is key. Especially when producing an event abroad.

With all the departments in-house, you only have one call to make. You connect with your dedicated Project Manager here at Maxi and we deal with the rest. Labor, local work practices, permits, power, transportation…. All the details are taken care of in one place.

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